screenshot of daily staff scheduling function

Employee scheduling

screenshot of tip pool distribution function

End of night tip pool allocation

screen shot of employee mobile app

Individual employee schedule mobile view

BEERWORKS needed a web portal to manage restaurant operations.

BEERWORKS, a chain of Breweries and Brew Pubs based in Massachusetts, contracted with 1Tech to design and build a back office web portal for managing restaurant operations. The portal functionality automates a wide range of management tasks and provides comprehensive reporting and analysis of business performance metrics. Functional areas include: Payroll, Scheduling, Human Resources, Guest Service, Property Operations, Event and Party Management. The Portal also allows employee access to review schedules, request time off and update human resources data.

Human Resources

Employee and onboarding and document collection is streamlined. The Performance module automates the employee correction and discipline process to ensure corporate standards are applied company wide.


Employee shift scheduling integrates business forecasts, employee availability and preferences and rankings. Employees are automatically notified when shifts are available and schedules are posted.

Timesheet and Payroll Integration

Time punch data is validated against multiple criteria to ensure regulation compliance and reveal fraudulent activity. Pay data is integrated with payroll services with one click processing.

Task Control and Logging

Tasks such and Property Operations, Party Planning and Guest Service Inquiries are manages are controlled with flexible task lists that ensure actions are handled in a timely and nothing slips through the cracks.